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Reduce Your Pain With Healing Touch

Do you suffer from pain and stress? Has your level of activity been reduced because of pain? If you’re like most people you may experience pain sometime in your life. Healing Touch is an energy therapy that has proven results in alleviating pain and stress allowing you more time to spend with your family and live a joyful life. Healing Touch is holistic in its approach balancing and supporting you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When everything is in balance you feel so much better, are able to “go...
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How Healing Touch Works


How Healing Touch Helps You Heal Yourself

Healing Touch is a non-invasive technique where the practitioner works with you to clear, energize, and balance your energy fields. This caring, heart centered practice can improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing. During a healing touch session, the practitioner and client come together energetically to facilitate the client’s health and healing. Healing Touch is an excellent complementary therapy and works side by side with traditional medical treatments. This is why people practicing...
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Success Stories

A New Dawn

Success Stories

At Healing Touch Cincinnati we help many people suffering from physical or emotional pain, fibromyalgia, or the effects of stress to regain their balance and lead a normal, pain free life. These are the stories of some of those we’ve helped:
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Our Services


Serving the Greater Cincinnati Area

Healing Touch Cincinnati provides Healing Touch and Reiki services in the Cincinnati area. We can travel to your site or provide long-distance energy healing. Our services include….
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  • Healing Touch At Work

    Healing Touch for Babies Healing Touch Procedure Healing Touch Procedure Healing Touch Procedure Healing Touch with Children
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    “Solitude” a Guided Meditation CD for relaxation and release of stress

    Client: I just can’t relax! My mind keeps spinning and I think about random things when I’m trying to get to sleep. Me: Have you tried meditation during the day or later on in the evening to relax? Client: No, I find that my mind wanders and I can’t relax.
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    Healing Touch Cincinnati Blog

    Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics and The Weather

    It was the July 4th weekend in 2012 or 2013. It had been a rainy spring with many days of steady downpours. The Little Miami River had flooded over and every parcel of grass was drenched. I was sick of it! My husband and I were invited to a friend’s home near Indianapolis, Indiana where the weather was much the same. The thing was. . .she and her husband have a beautiful above the ground pool with a nice set up for volleyball and I wanted to go in it and play! That was my motivation as we set out from Cincinnati....
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