Providing Healing Touch For A Stroke Victim Helps Her

Before Christmas I received an email from the Director of Holistic Services for Hospice of Cincinnati. A family had called her to request healing touch for an elderly family member. This woman apparently had had a stroke, was brought to the local hospital and was in a coma.

I felt the nudge to answer this call and when I arrived at the hospital room I was met by the family including her daughter, son, and son-in-law. They told me of her condition and went I met “Mary” she was drifting in and out of consciousness. She was able to tell me that medication was provided for severe pain in the back of her head and that it had gone away. She was concerned, however, about the stroke and “living this way.” She was very receptive to healing touch so after grounding myself and connecting to God’s guidance, I began to assess the energy field around her body. My hands met intense heat & tingling on Mary’s right side especially near her right arm, shoulder, neck and head. I began to clear the field (also called the aura) using the healing touch techniques I’ve learned and used over the years. Much of the heat and tingling dissipated but some of it was resistent. In my opinion I believe that this resistent heat and tingling was caused by the damage of the stroke itself.

I then turned my attention to providing a technique that would help Mary in the transition she was going through physically,mentally, emotionally & spiritually. She thanked me for visiting and providing energy work.  I could see that she was more relaxed as she smiled at me.

On a follow up call to the Director of Holistic Services I learned that Mary’s family transferred her to a community care center and Mary is still receiving hospice care.  Copyright:  Barbara J. Litchfield