Creating a Sense of Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

iStock SpiritualityCreating a sense of well-being is one way in which Healing Touch facilitates the healing process.  This can occur with one session or after many.  It can also lead to a greater awareness of one’s purpose and their connection to others.

Well-being is an overarching term that is usually used to convey a sense of peace or happiness with one’s life and health.  Some might call it a positive attitude, others describe it as having a sense of meaning in life.  Healing Touch works with the energy field that permeates all of the individual’s physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual aspects to create a heart centered interaction between the client and practitioner that often helps create a sense of well-being.  

In hospital surveys the majority of participants reported a high level of emotional and spiritual well-being following Healing Touch sessions.  Feelings of emotional well-being lasted more than a week; while feelings of spiritual well-being usually lasted for more than two weeks.  In a study of women with breast cancer who received Healing Touch during chemotherapy, a sense of well-being was one of the themes that emerged. 

Health is a condition that develops through one’s lifestyle by maintaining a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Healing Touch is a way for many individuals to achieve this sense of well-being.  

To develop a sense of well-being that can lead to a greater awareness of your purpose and connection to others, contact me so we can discuss the benefits of Healing Touch.


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