Developing a Sense of Spiritual Awareness to Improve Overall Health

JourneyExperiencing Healing Touch may be one way to develop spiritual awareness. It is clear that Healing Touch often has an impact on what one perceives as spirituality, leading to a deepening of one’s connection to the essence of life. 

Spirituality, in many ways, describes the essence of the person, the soul or spirit connection.  Healing Touch works with the energy field of the individual that has a spiritual layer resulting in a heart centered interaction between the client and practitioner.   

Repeated studies have identified this sense of connection as an important component in the experience of receiving and giving Healing Touch.  For women who have survived breast cancer, the Healing Touch experience was found to be one of connection with others, leading to a strengthened self.  The women experienced a sense of inner peace that enhanced their spiritual wellness. Others have described it as a nurturing act that promoted self care that helped them get through their treatment. 

In an end of life study, participants receiving Healing Touch reported spiritual benefits, calmness, improved breathing and relaxation and relief of pain. Similarly, a report on elderly home care clients who received Healing Touch as a complementary, holistic nursing intervention also reported favorable physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences.

The spiritual benefits of Healing Touch as a complementary treatment have also shown up in studies of women receiving treatment for fibromyalgia, patients receiving treatment for HIV, individuals receiving treatment in mental health centers, treatment for depressed individuals, and many more.

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