Finally, Relief From Back and Neck Pain

There are specific Healing Touch techniques to address problems of the back and neck that can decrease pain and improve range of motion.

Back and neck problems are very common and can create significant stress and disability in those who are experiencing pain from these conditions. References to back or neck problems often describe physical and/or emotional components of a person’s experience.  Healing Touch has been shown to provide relief from neck and back pain while increasing range of motion and an overall improvement in the important area of relaxation.

One interesting study compared Healing Touch and Chiropractic adjustment in treating chronic low back pain.  Each participant experienced some degree of improvement ranging from minimal to dramatic as a result of the treatments. Both the Healing Touch and chiropractic groups had statistically significant decreases in pain, improvement in range of motion, and improvement in orthopedic measurements. At the end of the study, there were people in both groups who were still suffering from pain.   Participants from the chiropractic group were invited to receive four HT treatments each to see if a combination of treatments would bring further improvement. The effects of HT were noticeable, primarily in the relaxation response.

sun_flower_in_bowl_260x230Many individuals have found that Healing Touch sessions benefit them by reducing pain, improving mobility and improving relaxation.  Healing Touch practitioners are taught specific techniques to help address problems of the back and neck, and they provide a foundation to offer support and facilitate healing.  This shows up in studies like the one at Queen’s Medical Center where employees who sustained back injuries on the job were offered Healing Touch treatments.  The employees with acute back injuries experienced enough improvement that the institution as a whole actually realized a positive bottom line financial impact.  Similarly, positive benefits of Healing Touch on patients with neck and back pain were also described in a report at the Hospice and Palliative Care Center of Northern Colorado.

Don’t let yourself or a loved one continue to suffer from neck or back pain, contact me so we can discuss how Healing Touch could benefit you.

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