Heart-Centered Compassionate Care During the Dying Process

DoveThe dying process can exert significant emotional pain on the person and their family and loved ones.  Healing Touch provides heart-centered compassionate care and welcome comfort during the dying process.

The days and hours leading to the moment of death can be rich with meaning and expressions of love.  When a person is close to death, a natural series of changes occur.  These changes usually are not medical emergencies and the goal is to keep the dying person as comfortable as possible. 

In studies that have been done in hospice environments, Healing Touch has been successful in helping with a variety of problems and concerns. Patients often experienced relief of constipation, reduction in leg swelling, and pain. Additional reports also state that the participants appeared relaxed during and after treatment, often falling asleep. 

Families and staff often report positive views regarding Healing Touch. In one research study using Healing Touch with those in the dying process, those receiving Healing Touch showed improvement in interpersonal, well-being, and function scores as compared to worsening conditions among those receiving standard hospice care.

If someone you love is in the final stages of life and you would like to comfort them with heart-centered, compassionate care, please contact me to learn how Healing Touch can help.

 For more information on this and other Healing Touch research studies, please go to http://www.healingtouchresearch.com/.