Reversing the Effects of Long-Term Depression and Anxiety

TreeHealing Touch has been shown to decrease the effects of long-term depression as well as the anxiety and depression often brought on by illness and even medical procedures.

Anxiety and depression are very common in today’s global society. The effects of these disorders can create personal, family, and community hardship.  Healing Touch helps alleviate some of that suffering. For example, in a research study with heart patients Healing Touch was shown to reduce anxiety when used prior to a hospital procedure.

Depression is a complex disorder that often times requires medical treatment. In one study, symptoms of depression using a standard test were found to decrease faster with those receiving Healing Touch.  In another Australian study depression was found to result in a disconnection from self, others and the world. Healing Touch was helpful in providing an opportunity for the patients in this study to experience understanding, safety, trust and positive anticipation in order to reconnect with one’s self, others and the world.

In other studies that involved looking at these and related factors, Healing Touch has been found to be an effective complement to conventional medical procedures.  For example, in women undergoing radiation treatment, the Healing Touch group showed more pronounced improvements in their levels of depression, anxiety and anger compared to the group that received a sham or fake healing session.  In another study, with patients receiving chemotherapy for cancer treatment, there was a decrease in depression. 

While just the presence of a caring practitioner may help reduce depression, studies show that the specific intervention effects of Healing Touch have an additive benefit of improving mood, energy, and reducing fatigue. In addition, studies have found that Healing Touch provides a sense of connection and well-being. Having a sense that someone understands and cares about you is often reported in patient satisfaction surveys and in practice by both practitioners and their clients.  Safe and noninvasive Healing Touch treatments provide the comfort and support that is often needed for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Research continues to be conducted using Healing Touch and other energy therapies to better understand how they help reduce the effects of these and other health problems.

If you or a loved one are seeking relief from depression or anxiety, contact me so we can discuss how Healing Touch could benefit you.

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