Success Stories

At Healing Touch Cincinnati we help many people suffering from physical or emotional pain, fibromyalgia, or the effects of stress to regain their balance and lead a normal, pain free life.

These are the stories of some of those we’ve helped:

Extreme Stress: A client came to my practice complaining of extreme mental and emotional stress due to her job and financial situation.  On a scale from 0-10 with 0 being no stress and 10 being the highest, she rated her emotional stress level at 9 and her mental stress at 7.   Her goal for the session was to reduce this stress, of course, and be more relaxed with things as they were.  We both knew that although we couldn’t change her situation we could change her mental and emotional reaction to it.

In a typical Healing Touch session a complete assessment of the energy field and chakra system are done, carefully noting any areas of density, pulsing, or temperature change in the field.  I check the chakras to ascertain if energy is flowing through them.  If energy is not flowing, I address each area using appropriate techniques for the client.

When this session was complete, the client said she felt, “really relaxed,” and not “feeling stress at all.”  She rated her emotional stress at 0 and her mental stress at 3.

Back Pain/Fibromyalgia: The client visited my practice suffering from lower and middle back pain, and fibromyalgia in her tendons and muscles.  In addition, she had recently lost a family member.  She rated her physical back pain as a 5, pain from fibromyalgia as a 7 and emotional pain as a 10.

In the assessment I could feel thickness in the energy field with a many areas feeling like “pins and needles.”  Several of her major and minor chakras were compromised.  After using many Healing Touch techniques I assessed again and made certain energy was flowing through them and her field was clear.

At the end of the session, which lasted about an hour she said, “mentally, I feel lighter. I have no pain.” (Physical).  Again, we couldn’t change the fact that she lost a family member but with the energy work of Healing Touch I could help her through the grief that she was feeling.  Copyright:  Barbara J. Litchfield