Pain, Spirituality and Healing Touch

We are holistic beings. By that I mean we our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves which overlay and interconnect with each other. When in a Healing Touch session I enter into a meditative state so that I can access the spiritual dimension. I find that the with more and more sessions hence more meditation I am opening up my 3rd eye or brow chakra and often see images or visions. I believe anyone can do this and in fact we all do it when we dream. And these dream like visions can be helpful to the client . Recently, I was working with someone and standing near the top and right of his head and shoulder. I had my left hand on his shoulder when I began to have an image of what I thought was his guardian angel. The angel had his hand on my shoulder and was laughing really hard! I mean he was slapping his knee and wooping it up! I’m thinking, “what does this mean?” Is it a message for me or my client?” I finally “got it.” The angel wanted me to tell my client to laugh more. You see, he had been in a lot of pain and working hard to get through it. You know when you’re in pain that you don’t feel like laughing.

When the session was complete I told him about what I had envisioned and what I thought it meant for him. Interestingly, he related that he had been asking himself “when was the last time he had laughed out loud!” Is this a coincidence? I think not. I definitely felt like the link he needed to get the message. He recalled that it had been a week ago that he had laughed during a tv show. The message from the angel to him was that he needed to laugh more. What a great perscription, huh?

This has relevance for all of us. When we’re in pain we still need to be joyful and find ways to make ourselves and others laugh! Copyright:  Barbara J. Litchfield

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