“Solitude” a Guided Meditation CD for relaxation and release of stress




I have had this conversation or one like it so many times in my years of practicing Healing Touch energy work and aromatherapy that I decided to create a guided meditation CD for people who are busy, stressed, and/or just can’t relax.  A guided meditation is different from sitting and trying to empty your mind of thoughts and worries.  It is one in which a narrator gently takes you on an extended journey in your mind with a scene to which you can relate, such as, the beach, the forest, the lake, near a river, or in a cloud among many others. You are resting comfortably on a bed or chair just listening.  There is nothing else for the “meditator” to do.

This journey can vary. . .it’s best described as a controlled dream state.  The narrator offers visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory suggestions.  The meditator gets into a light sleep state and can drift in and out of consciousness.  It’s Ok to drift.  Your mind is still hearing and taking in the suggestions. And it’s almost as if a therapist or trusted friend is in the room with you guiding you toward the rest you want.

To enhance this feeling of tranquility diffusing therapeutic essential oils (I use and distribute the doTerra brand).  Specifically, lavender, Citrus Bliss and Serenity all support relaxation.

copyright: Barbara J. Litchfield

If you are in need of some rest and peacefulness my CD, “Solitude” is available for $15.00 plus shipping and handling.  It has a short Introduction and then 3 separate vignettes or tracts.  You can listen to one, two or all of them.  Please contact me through this website or by phone:  513-254-3844.  I’ll be happy to send one to you promptly.