Learn the Benefits of Meditation

Some of us are baffled on how exactly to meditate. Or we think we don’t have time in our day to meditate. Or we don’t know why or even if the time we might spend meditating has benefits.

Basic meditation is quite easy. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. Twenty minutes is ideal but if you only have 10 then go with it. This “place” could be a comfortable chair, couch, or a special place in your home that is quiet and tranquil. But don’t be limited to your home. You can meditate in a garden, sitting under a favorite tree, or even your car at lunch time.

Once you have your “place” allow yourself to relax into it. Breathe deeply and easily. Bring oxygen in and out of the abdomen and as you do so you may say a mantra. One of my earliest yoga teachers suggested thinking “so” on the in breath and “hum” on the out breath. I found these words particularly effective because they keep your mind busy while you’re relaxing. Another mantra is the universal “om.” If you are able to chant the “Om” sound aloud you’ll find that your jaw, ears and possibly brain will vibrate. It’s a good feeling and good for you.

If you can do this simple routine for 10 to 20 minutes daily you’ll find yourself becoming more relaxed and balanced throughout the rest of your day or evening.

Now, what do we do when our mind wanders away from our breathing and mantra? The first thing is not to beat yourself up or allow yourself to get distracted by your thoughts. YOU are in control of your mind not the other way around. So don’t “sit down and have coffee” with your thoughts. When you realize your thoughts are drifting cut them off and resume your mantra breathing. It is in this state where our vibrational frequency becomes higher and more sublime.

Why is meditation important besides relaxation, balance and a higher vibration frequency?
As if those states aren’t enough there has been much scientific research done on states of consciousness. Psychologist and physiologist Valerie Hunt was one of the first scientists to measure the electromagnetic field around the human body. In the book, “The Whole Elephant Revealed,” Marja de Vries states that Valerie’s research shows that at any given moment in time, a person’s state of consciousness and level of awareness is predictable from the vibrational frequencies of his or her energy field. The higher our vibrational frequency, the more expanded our consciousness and awareness will be.” (page 113) And once in that state we can perceive aspects of the other levels of reality. We become less aware of our physical reality the higher our vibrational frequency becomes. This is the state where we can have insights, visions and tap into our intuition.

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