Quantum Touch, Breath work and Healing

Several weekends ago, I participated in Quantum Touch Level 1, a 2 day experiential class with 2 wonderful instructors and 8 other students. I had taken the online course so knew sort of what to expect. But the group energy really facilitated the learning.

We practiced the body sweeps inhaling and exhaling deeply. Each pair was encouraged before providing energy work to ask the other what area of the body or emotion/mental concern they wished addressed. Of course the intention is their best and highest good.

My partner, Jennifer, and I used the treatment table available. She was suffering from lower back pain and desired some Quantum Touch on her lumbar area. I addressed that area with breathing and light touch. You know it takes quite a bit of concentration to use the breathing technique we had been taught! As I placed my hands on her lower back and joints an interesting thing happened. My respiration and heart rate slowed down. I felt very relaxed and it felt effortless to provide for her. When the signal was given to switch she got up from the table and said she felt very relaxed and her discomfort level in the back had dropped.

When it was my turn I asked her to address the joint pain I had felt on my right hip.
Joint pain in both hips had been plaguing me for about a year. Nothing I did helped for very long. This included acupuncture, chiropractic, medical massage, personal training, kinesiology, Healing Touch and Cranial Sacral. My joints would feel better and then go back to square 1. Accordingly, my friend Jennifer really concentrated on my right hip. She also worked on my other joints a bit before the time was up. When I got up there wasn’t any pain there. And I was in a deep state of relaxation.

What I am realizing is that my sacral iliac, glutinous and psoais joints are extremely tight. I’ve done strength training for years and apparently it was catching up with me. Repetitive movements of my legs, hips, arms and core seemed to tighten everything up. So this sort of exercise was not the answer. Instead my exercise now consists of walking, riding a bike, deep stretching, aqua aerobics and some Feldenkrais movements.

With the Quantum Touch and Healing Touch I do, I’m no longer in pain as I was (4 to 8 on the pain scale). The breathing required for Quantum Touch is directed to the receiver but also can be focused on my areas that need healing simultaneously. This is OK during a class or providing energy for family but if I have a client I focus the energy only on them. The benefits of knowing both Healing Touch and Quantum Touch are: I can combine these modalities for a very powerful and effective healing session. Of course, aromatherapy can also be included adding more sensory healing as well.

The following day our class practiced other breathing techniques such as the fire breath and spiraling. Using visualization to see the breath spiraling up the chakra system also takes much concentration but effective for healing. The great part about doing this type of breathing increases the oxygen level of the practitioner and is beneficial for the recipient. All of us in class used a device to take our blood oxygen level and most of us were 98 or 99 out of 100.

Toward the end of the day we experimented with grapefruit juice. Each of us received two cups with a small amount of juice. We were instructed to do the quantum breathing focusing on one cup only. After a few minutes of doing this we concluded that the juice receiving Quantum Touch had a mellower flavor and was clearer than the juice not receiving the quantum energy. This may be anecdotal but was a fun experiment to further show each of us that this breathing is effective.

If you’d like to ask questions about these modalities please contact me via my website: www.healingtouchcincinnati.com

Copyright: Barbara J. Litchfield, March 19, 2016