Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics and The Weather

It was the July 4th weekend in 2012 or 2013. It had been a rainy spring with many days of steady downpours. The Little Miami River had flooded over and every parcel of grass was drenched. I was sick of it! My husband and I were invited to a friend’s home near Indianapolis, Indiana where the weather was much the same. The thing was. . .she and her husband have a beautiful above the ground pool with a nice set up for volleyball and I wanted to go in it and play! That was my motivation as we set out from Cincinnati. . .in the rain.

I asked my husband to put up the weather map on the dashboard screen. He did so and we shook our heads as we saw the line of storms headed our way. I didn’t want to accept this weather any more! Using a bit of creativity I began using what I knew of Quantum Touch and Matrix Energetics at that time. With QT I began the mental body sweeps along with deep breathing. With Matrix Energetics I “held” two points on the weather map with my hands. While I was deep breathing, I imagined bright, warm sunshine with beautiful shadows before this deluge (the first point) and warm, bright sunshine after the deluge (the second point). I meditated like this for about 20 minutes. Then, I clapped my hands together collapsing the time “wave.” I wasn’t certain how this would affect the weather or even if it would. . .but I sure was hopeful.

When we arrived at my friend’s home it was still raining. Nevertheless, we all decided to go to a wildlife refuge about 30 minutes away. By the time we arrived there . . .it was still raining but, as the Irish say, it was a “soft” rain. We carried our umbrellas but didn’t really need them. As we strolled through the refuge stopping to check out the recovering lions I realized that it was getting warmer. . . and a bit dryer.

By the time we were driving back to my friends’ home, I could see the end of the line of clouds and blue sky beyond. Believe it or not when we arrived at the house the sun was shining and we got our bathing suits on and jumped in the pool! What a terrific feeling! I’m convinced that we can use the elements of Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics and our minds to change weather.

Copyright: Barbara J. Litchfield
March 31, 2016