Responses to Healing Touch

Reactions to receiving Healing Touch always surprise me. I don’t expect such deep and sincere reactions but when they occur, I am pleased. Oh yes, practitioners are taught to just provide the “work” and don’t have expectations about the outcome. We’re taught that the person lying on the treatment table is the true healer and if they are open mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healing will happen. It will happen in their time frame not mine.

Take for example a client of about 42 who was having some marital problems and sought energy therapy for stress reduction. She had never received energy therapy and although “excited” didn’t have expectations. When the treatment was complete she opened her eyes and said, “That was amazing! I feel calm, relaxed, better.” Or the bereavement client who woke up from her treatment and was so relaxed she resolved to “take care of myself.” This was to include Healing Touch, meditation, walking and journaling.

Another client works in the business world. It’s hectic but she enjoys what she does. She receives Healing Touch to rebalance and reset. It allows her the space to break away from her mental chatter about work. She’ll say, that felt so wonderful I just want to stay here.” Of course I allow the client the time and space to rest and regroup. But something really happens when there are two of us are “gathered” and the intention is for the client’s best and utmost good. Words aren’t adequate to explain or describe this healing process. Of course there’s lots of science to support the changes in the client’s energy field when energy is applied. But Healing Touch is also an art …the art of knowing how to access the problem and how to treat it. It’s knowing and applying techniques that best address the health concern/s. All of this comes with experience, of course, and working with many health issues over time. But even with my own experience doing this work over 16 years, the responses I observe after energy therapy encourage me to press on in this work.

Copywrite: Barbara J. Litchfield, MA, HTCP, CCA, QTP
June 26, 2016