Q: Can Healing Touch be done long-distance?

A:  Yes, because energy is not limited by time or distance, Healing Touch works just as powerfully whether working with someone one-on-one or at a distance.  The practitioner may be in their office and the client may be resting in their home.  This is especially nice when the client does not wish to or cannot leave their home, hospital or nursing home

Q: Do you make house calls?

A:  Yes, in some instances.  I have a flexible practice, and see clients in their home, in the hospital or nursing home, or at my home office. I will go wherever the client is. I will come to you!  The appropriate setting is assessed prior to the first treatment.

Q: How many sessions are recommended?

A:  The number of sessions for Healing Touch is dependent upon the needs of the client. After each session, the client and the practitioner determine the frequency of sessions as well as the time between each session. This discussion also includes instruction for self care and other referrals, if needed.

Q: How often would I have to be seen?

A:  If you have an acute condition such as recent surgery or a recent injury, more benefit is derived by a Healing Touch treatment daily or every other day for three to five visits.
If you have a chronic condition, the practitioner will suggest that you be seen once a week for three to five weeks as it sometimes takes up to three visits for there to be a noticeable benefit.