Q: How soon will I notice results?

A:  The energy shifts immediately with the integration, like a light being turned on in a dark room. The overall feeling of relaxation is commonly experienced. Pain relief is often reported after one or two sessions. Most people report that they feel much “lighter” after the session. That is because they literally are! Emotions such as depression, anger, guilt, etc. are often released. Once released, the void where those emotions were formerly held may be automatically filled with light, truth, love, forgiveness, and joy. With some issues, you will immediately notice they are no longer there because you are not worried about them anymore. That worry is replaced by peacefulness. With other issues, although the energetic changes are in place, you may not  recognize the change right away.

Q: What are some of the benefits of Healing Touch therapy?

A:  There are many benefits and specific conditions that Healing Touch can address, including:

• Reduces pain
• Reduces anxiety
• Relieves depression, and promotes vitality
• Relieves tension and anxiety and promotes peacefulness
• Promotes concentration and focus
• Improves recovery/mobility before and after medical procedures and surgery
• Boosts the immune system
• Reduces the effects of trauma and chronic pain
• Deepens spiritual connection
• May reduce the length of hospitalization

Q: Is Healing Touch for everybody?

A:  Healing Touch is beneficial to everyone and works as a complementary therapy to conventional medicine and other therapies.

Q: Can I receive Healing Touch or Reiki in my home or another location?

A:  Yes, you can receive Healing Touch and Reiki in a home, hospital, nursing home, hospice center or just about any other appropriate location.