Q: How does Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) work?

A:  Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) uses the hands and energy of the practitioner to clear and balance the energy system utilizing Healing Touch for Animals® Techniques so the body can self-heal.  The correct physiology of the body is supported through relaxation and balance allowing healing to begin.  When the energy system flows properly, the body is then able to support the healing properties that are inherent to health and wholeness.

Q: What are the benefits of Healing Touch for Animals®?

A:  Healing Touch for Animals® Techniques benefit our animals in many ways:
          • Help animals understand appropriate behavior
          • Build the animal-human bond
          • Reduce stress and anxiety
          • Support animals through injuries, illnesses, physical and emotional trauma or abuse
          • Build a solid support system for cancer patients
          • Develop confidence for training and competition
          • Support animals during the end of life transition

Q: Is Healing Touch for Animals® accepted and utilized by veterinarians in their veterinary practices?

A:  Both holistic and traditional veterinarians and veterinary technicians are learning Healing Touch for Animals®  and are integrating the techniques into their veterinary practices.  Healing Touch for Animals® is being used as a cooperative healing modality and viable service to their animal patients.  Healing Touch for Animals® promotes a cooperative relationship between traditional veterinary medicine and holistic healthcare providing the best healing care for our animal population.

Q: How does Healing Touch for Animals® compare to Healing Touch?

A:  Healing Touch for Animals® Techniques have been developed to support the larger, more sensitive energy system of the animals. The reception of the animals’ energy field is much greater and therefore some Healing Touch Techniques are not appropriate to use on animals.

The Healing Touch for Animals® Program explains the differences between the human and animal energy systems.  All of the techniques presented in Healing Touch for Animals® and Healing Touch are taught to assist in optimum healing.

Q: How young of a child can these techniques be used on?

A:  Because Healing Touch techniques are so gentle, and can do no harm, there is no age limit. Healing Touch can even work on babies still in the womb.

Q: Can Healing Touch be done long-distance?

A:  Yes, because energy is not limited by time or distance, Healing Touch works just as powerfully whether working with someone one-on-one or at a distance.  The practitioner may be in their office and the client may be resting in their home.  This is especially nice when the client does not wish to or cannot leave their home, hospital or nursing home

Q: How long does a session last?

A:  A typical session lasts about an hour although some may take a little longer depending upon the goals to be accomplished for the session.

Q: Will I be clothed during the session?

A:  Yes, you will be fully clothed although many people enjoy taking off their socks and shoes. A blanket is provided for your comfort.

Q: Is Healing Touch like getting a massage?

A:  The only way Healing Touch is like massage is that you lie on a massage table for the treatment, if you choose. You can also sit on a chair to receive a treatment. Either way, you stay fully clothed but may be asked to remove your shoes.

With massage, muscles are manipulated and pressure is applied. When doing Healing Touch the practitioner uses very light, gentle touch and/or makes sweeping movements with his/her hands near the body.

Q: What if I do not like to be touched?

A:  Many of the techniques can be done without the practitioner directly touching you and will be just as effective.

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