Q: How long does a session last?

A:  A typical session lasts about an hour although some may take a little longer depending upon the goals to be accomplished for the session.

Q: Will I be clothed during the session?

A:  Yes, you will be fully clothed although many people enjoy taking off their socks and shoes. A blanket is provided for your comfort.

Q: Is Healing Touch like getting a massage?

A:  The only way Healing Touch is like massage is that you lie on a massage table for the treatment, if you choose. You can also sit on a chair to receive a treatment. Either way, you stay fully clothed but may be asked to remove your shoes.

With massage, muscles are manipulated and pressure is applied. When doing Healing Touch the practitioner uses very light, gentle touch and/or makes sweeping movements with his/her hands near the body.

Q: What if I do not like to be touched?

A:  Many of the techniques can be done without the practitioner directly touching you and will be just as effective.

Q: What if I do not feel comfortable during a Healing Touch session?

A:  Feedback is always encouraged and welcome. Please speak up. If you do not feel comfortable, your practitioner can stop working on the part of your body that is giving you discomfort.

Q: Can I talk to my practitioner or listen to music during a session?

A:  That is up to you.  When the environment permits, soothing music may be played during the session. A session is your time to relax and the goal is to provide you with an environment that helps you do just that. You may also feel free to speak with your practitioner during a session. This is your time, however, and many times patients choose to simply lie quietly and receive a treatment.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A:  No, however clients can submit a claim to their insurance for reimbursement. Others use their Health Savings Accounts also know as Flexible Medical Accounts.

Q: Am I supposed to tip?

A:  The decision to tip is entirely up to you.