Reversing the Effects of Long-Term Depression and Anxiety

TreeHealing Touch has been shown to decrease the effects of long-term depression as well as the anxiety and depression often brought on by illness and even medical procedures.

Anxiety and depression are very common in today’s global society. The effects of these disorders can create personal, family, and community hardship.  Healing Touch helps alleviate some of that suffering.

Reducing the Stress that Wrecks the Body’s Ability to Heal Itself


Healing Touch is effective at reducing the long-term effects of chronic stress on the body, and as well as minimizing the impact of stressful events like medical procedures or treatment for severe diseases.

Stress has both positive and negative effects on the human system.  A certain amount of stress is needed to encourage change and to move one forward with daily challenges.  However, prolonged stress creates a “wearing down” of the body’s defenses.

A Heart to Heart about your Heart

iStock HeartHealing Touch can help improve the chance of a successful surgery and reduce the recovery time for persons facing the prospect of coronary artery bypass surgery. 

Coronary artery bypass is among the most common surgeries performed in the world – with over 600,000 performed each year in the U.S. alone, it almost seems routine.  Routine or not, there can be life-threatening complications, high levels of pain,

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