Barb’s Story

The Story Of How I Was Led Into Healing Touch

Barbara Litchfield, MA, HTCP

Have you ever gone through a bumpy time in your life?  If you have you know that during the process, it may have taken all you have inside just to get through it.  But upon reflection you realized that out of that “dark night of the soul” a great gift or gifts were given to you.  Perhaps it was the development of virtues such as patience, trust, prudence, wisdom or faith or all of them.  And in realizing this you wouldn’t change a thing. Why?  Because virtues such as patience, trust, prudence and so forth are gems that develop ones character so it’s gleaming. If you know what I’m talking about you and I have a lot in common.

I’ll take you back to 1993 when I was going through a very rough patch in my life.  In addition to the normal activities of being a mom and wife, the pressures of my full time teaching position, the illness of my father, and my husband’s career move to another state brought me down mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  When I describe my symptoms of that time as despair, anxiety, depression, stress and inability to get a good night sleep you might think I had post-traumatic stress syndrome.  After discussing these health concerns with my doctor, he confirmed it.  I was shocked!

As I was sharing my concerns with a friend of mine back then (actually I would tell anyone who would listen in an attempt to get help from somewhere). She told me that she had learned a modality that might help me through this trying time.  I was skeptical but agreed to try it.  I was willing to try just about anything to stop feeling so badly!  When I arrived at her home she explained that I would lie on her couch fully clothed while she provided light touch on my joints. I wish I had a “before” and “after” picture because it would have shown a noticeable difference. The experience was wonderful!   Not only could I relax and let go of the stress and pressure I was carrying but also felt like myself again. . .confident, happy and glad to be alive!  The modality she used was of course, Healing Touch. This happy state lasted for the rest of the day but alas, when I returned to the environment that I believed caused my stress (my job), the anxiety returned. I eventually left that position, moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and began a new life.  I had forgotten about Healing Touch with the move. Getting my family acclimated to a new home and surroundings was a full time job.

But a natural disaster would resurrect my experience of Healing Touch.  In 1999 a tornado hit the Symmes Township area, not far from my home.  Four people died in that tornado and many homes and businesses were destroyed.  The church I attended, The Community of The Good Shepherd, in Cincinnati, became a “survivor’s retreat.”  The parish nurse, Jeanie Wolf, BSN collaborated with Pat Springer, RN and Theresa Kajs, PhD. a parishioner who was also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  Together they coordinated Licensed Massage Therapists and Healing Touch Practitioners to provide services to all those who were affected by the tornado.  These modalities were so helpful to those receiving them that many of the parishioners at Good Shepherd wanted to continue Healing Touch as a ministry.  I found out about this after the fact since I was neither a therapist nor a “survivor” of the tornado at that time.  I was prompted by an article in our bulletin, however, about a meeting to discuss a possible new ministry.  I attended this meeting along with about ten others and learned some basic information about Healing Touch.  Here was the modality that I had received in 1993!  Have you ever had that lightbulb moment?   I knew Healing Touch was the right thing to do.  I enrolled in a Level 1 class that was to take place a few weeks later.  That began my journey into Healing Touch Energy Therapy.  Over the last ten years I have learned more and practiced this modality with amazing results.  Keep checking back for testimonials and stories of  how Healing Touch has benefited many clients. As a HTCP the satisfaction of all clients I serve is very important. That is why I offer a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or your session is free.