This is the introduction to my testimonials page. As a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner the satisfaction of clients I serve is very important to me. That is why I offer a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or the energy session is free.

"First of all, while I consider myself to be a Christian and believer, I was slightly skeptical about the Healing Touch working for me.
Nonetheless, Barb Litchfield was kind enough to perform the Healing Touch for me.

A short recap of my situation....
I was involved in a bad car accident on Oct. 31, 2016 which totaled my car and left me in a lot of pain. After being taken to the
hospital in an ambulance I was told I had no broken bones or internal injuries. I did, however, suffer from a lot of torn soft tissue in
my neck, shoulders and along my spine all the way down my back. While my many visits to the chiropractor did improve my
pain level over the course of 6 weeks after the accident, I still suffered from quite a bit of pain in my right shoulder and upper back.
Barb performed the Healing Touch therapy with me over the phone while I was lying on my bed at home. Amazingly and incredibly
within 24 hours, the pain in my shoulder and upper back was significantly improved! I had never had any Healing Touch therapy
before, but now I certainly am a believer in the strength and the pain relief it provides. Thank you so much Lord for healing me
through my precious friend, Barb Litchfield!"

Sincerely and thankfully,

Liz W.

The night of the day I saw you, I slept better than I have in a long time. I had a cold coming on and felt a "rush" of fluid coming out. I slept well, woke up refreshed and I feel like a different person.

JoAnne G, Cincinnati, OH

I came to Barbara Litchfield for hip pain as well as stress. I feel at ease with Barbara and am able to completely relax and rest. After my sessions I feel focused and energized. I am more centered and manage life in a less stressed , more positive way.

Jo Stojack

This was the most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time. I felt energy moving around. At one point I felt like you were still holding my left foot and some other places but you had moved!

(The next day's email)
Lauren said: I want you to know that my ankle is no where near as tight as it normally is today.

Lauren W., Cincinnati, OH

I came to Barbara and Healing Touch in search of stress relief, balance and pain relief. The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing. I leave feeling so relaxed and peaceful and I smell delicious. The oils feel very restorative and joint pain is relieved. It is a gift I give myself, a time of restoration, rejuvenation and rebalancing. I'm glad I found Barbara and her healing touch. I highly recommend her service.

Patty Lane

After receiving Healing Touch she commented: "I feel awesome! That was cool! I felt strong energy moving up and down my legs like pins and needles. I felt myself jerk (tension release) and I feel so dreamy now.

Allison Cohen

I felt noticeably more relaxed for about five days. I’m kind of back to a normal state now. I still have significant relief of my hip pain, with just a little left in my knee. I feel much more balanced physically. I’m not limping anymore. I’m also taking some other positive steps to improve my health like making church a priority again, and making eating fresh foods a priority again. I am very happy with the results of your work and I’m looking forward to my next visit!

Patty L
Cincinnati, OH

Kayla is a long distance client. After a session of Healing Touch, she emailed to say, "I feel fantastic! She had issues with sleep, anxiety and balance.

Kayla B, Charlotte, NC

We enjoy your CD ( Solitude) and listen to it in the evenings to relax.

Tim M

I listen to the CD on the nights I have difficulty sleeping. I really enjoyed it.

Kim A

Thank you for seeing Ashton, he loved you, your place and "especially the face part" ( I guess he means when you were touching his face :-)). He said he wants to come again of course!

Alyona Green

After receiving Healing Touch non-locally or long distance for pain after surgery here's what time had to say, "Wow! I feel ten times better than I did an hour ago.
I feel really centered and a calmness has come over me. . .a really good feeling. My back is feeling better. The pain is not there anymore and I don't feel the shakiness I had from the pain medicine. You did a great job!

Tim Meakin

I cannot tell you what a wonderful experience that (Healing Touch and aromatherapy) was for my father. He told me that (Healing Touch and aromatherapy) was amazing and indescribable and that with all the pain killers and muscle relaxers he's ever taken, nothing has ever come close to this.

Sharon Kinder-Geiger

If your doc tells you that you need surgery (and it's for a non life threatening event) see Barbara. I feel 90% and avoided knee replacements. I'm now going regularly (for energy therapy) to stay healthy.

Kristine Barr
Barr Corporate Success

Thank you for the distance healing last evening. You asked me to get back with feedback. I can't express how pleased I am as to the outcome. My peace of mind hasn't been this serene in a long time. I also felt a sense of calm after we hung up (the phone). I didn't think I'd fall asleep, but I'd say about 30 minutes into meditation, I was completely asleep! Thank you! I am at peace!

Michael W.

I'm still feeling the benefits of the healing session last week! I'm a bit superstitious so I feel like if I talk about it too much I'll jinx it...lol. But I will say Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!! It's been a long time since I've felt this FREE from myself and my surroundings -(if that makes sense??).

A. James, Cincinnati, OH

A. James

Hi Barb,
Yesterday was an interesting encounter for me, during our Healing Touch session. When you wrapped your hands behind my skull, then touched my left side joints and foot, I felt an indescribable warmth…. especially when you touched the right side of my skull, it was like a flow of energy suddenly found it's way back to a familiar state. One that's been closed off for a long time. This morning I continue to feel renewed and magnificent. Even my shoulder pain level is around a four. It hasn't been that low for months. Thanks for everything, and keep up the great work.
Michael W
Cincinnati, OH

Michael W.
Cincinnati, OH

I came to Barb when I was exhausted and stressed (what I thought) beyond help. Yet, after one session of Healing Touch, my stress level went from 10 to 2 and I felt like I was full of energy.

Barb has helped me find my energy in repeated sessions. She has empowered me to get closer to God through her energy work.

Brenda W
Cincinnati, OH

Thanks to Barbara I am feeling no pain in my back!! My right arm is feeling much better. My energy level and over all state of mind is at a all time high. Awesome !!

We just hiked some of the trails in the Smokey Mountains!!!! If you told me last yr I was going to that I would of said you're crazy! I'm feeling great at 51 ready for more thanks to Barbara and Healing Touch!

Tim Meakin
Cincinnati, OH

Barb, I am not quite sure what happened the last time you did healing touch for me, but it is amazing what has happened. I told you that I needed more energy and boy did I get it. I have been doing small projects around the house almost every day. Granted I do get tired after I am finished, but it has gotten to the point that Jane is wanting me to slow down because she is concerned that I am doing too much. I am trying to pace myself more now. I thank God every day for you and your ministry. Keep on doing what you do because you have God's ear and he is answering your prayers. Thank you for being there for me.

Barry Stufft
Loveland, OH

This past winter I slipped on ice and did one of those “both feet in the air” falls. I landed on my tailbone and needless to say experienced some severe pain afterwards. I gave it several days to calm down and it seemed to feel a bit better. Unfortunately, a few weeks later I thoughtlessly lifted something heavy which caused the pain to return. I talked to my friend and next door neighbor Barbara Litchfield about the possibility of Healing Touch.
I had never had Healing Touch before and was open to giving it a try. I experienced a feeling of pure relaxation and peace throughout the session. The Healing Touch and Barbara’s expertise worked together to free me of the pain I had been experiencing. My back had been bothering me for so many weeks that I had forgotten what “normal” was. It was such a relief to go through a day without the nagging pain that I had been experiencing.
I thought back to the time 15 years ago when I was battling cancer and remembered the many imagery and thought processes I went through to experience healing. I definitely believe that there is power in prayer and our body’s ability to heal itself. I see Healing Touch as one of those “channels” to wellness. I commend Barbara for her knowledgeable, calm and gentle approach. I would highly recommend her as a gifted practitioner of Healing Touch.

Susan Eltringham
Loveland, OH

Barb, I just wanted to let you know how much I needed Healing Touch the last time. You said that you would work on the energy level for me and I wanted you to know how much difference that made. The Thursday after our session I unloaded two pickup truck loads (2 cu. yds) of dirt to fill in the garden boxes I made. I was tired but I had the energy to move all of that dirt. I have also been finding other odd jobs to do around the house. Thank you for being my Healing Touch Practitioner.
Barry Stufft
Loveland, OH

Barry Stufft

My wife goes to Barb for Healing Touch sessions periodically and so she bought me a session. I went for the session the night before a Triathlon event which I was participating. I told Barb that my knee was hurting from running and I was suffering from allergies because of the pollen which affects my breathing. It was spring and everything was blooming outside. I also told Barb that I wanted to relax for my event the next day. The session went very well. Barb helped me relax and took extra time to focus her concentration on my sore knee and my chest for my breathing. I felt very good and refreshed after the session and slept well that night. The next day when I competed my knee felt fine and my breathing did not seem labored. I also felt relaxed and confident before and during the stages of the competition which were swimming, cycling and running.

Frank Maher
Loveland, OH

I love your 'healing touch' massage, it relaxes me more than any physical massage ever did and the effects linger for weeks.

Susan Maher
Loveland, OH

I was nervous about the neck surgery because of the gravity of the situation. Barbara's warm and gentle ways put me at ease immediately. She was caring, kind, reverent, and generous with her time. The Healing Touch was a deeply spiritual experience and calmed my fears. I attribute my rapid recovery, in large part, to her. I certainly would not hesitate to refer someone to her.

Mary Williams

After receiving Healing Touch for stress, Greg said this:

"I feel so relaxed! My mind is so clear and focused...no extraneous thoughts. This would be great for stressed out executives!"

Greg Pitstick, Mason, OH
Smart Guide to Marketing

In May 2010 I was told I needed knee replacement surgery and being scared to have it done I put it off and it became very painful and collapsed and I had to use a walker. In September we scheduled the surgery.

Although my every day diet is not the best I do take a lot of vitamins and I do pray a lot. I had the surgery and except for a bad reaction to something I came through it ok.

Barbara is a Healing Touch Practitioner and before the surgery she gave me Healing Touch several times. Each and every time the Healing Touch session left me stronger and peaceful. I had to stop all medications and vitamins prior to surgery except what the doctors ordered. Barbara came to the hospital and continued to give me Healing Touch. Sometimes I didn’t even know she was there except to feel her holding my foot and the quietness this brought over me.

I sincerely believe that the Healing Touch sessions brought me through these times stronger and alleviated a lot of pain. I was able to do my exercises and keep on schedule to getting better.

Martha B., Maineville, OH

I came to Barb for pain from my sciatic nerve. I was being healed with physical therapy but felt that I needed more. I found the "more" with Healing Touch. While physical therapy was rebuilding my muscles the Healing Touch was rebuilding my spiritual and energy self.

Cindy Kuhlman Voss, Cincinnati, OH
Vos Consulting, LLC

Barb, I just had to tell you this. From the day I had my port put in (Tue) until I met with you yesterday I would hold the shoulder harnes part of the seatbelt away from my body while I drove. Yesterday when I left you I hooked up my seatbelt and drove off without a second thought as to holding it away from my body. The best part was when I went to bed last night. I normally sleep with one of my arms under the pillow under my head. After the port placement I would sleep ok on my right side/stomach, but when I would try to do it on my left side it would wake me up and I would try to position myself so I could try and sleep on my left side for a while. Last night after healing touch with you I could sleep on either side with no problem. It was like I never had the port put in. Thank you.

Barry Stufft, Milford, OH

“I was so glad to have come to you (for Healing Touch) before my surgery.”

**Client was able to return home 4 days post surgery rather than the anticipated 10.

Jane Stufft, Milford, OH

Admittedly I am very left-brained. I want to understand the science of things before I believe they will work. As a result I have been very skeptical of alternative therapies. I also have a condition called Meneire’s Syndrome which is a condition of the inner ear causing episodes of severe vertigo. I’ve had this condition for about 5 years. Modern science knows a lot about the what the condition is but has little understanding of how to treat this condition.

I am following all my doctors recommendations but still occasionally experience the dizziness and off-balanced feelings associated with this disease especially during high allergy seasons.

Over the past 2 years I’ve learned how to manage these infrequent yet very uncomfortable episodes. One of the ways is through Healing Touch therapy. When experiencing these periods of “off-balancedness” I acquire a Healing Touch session from Barbara. The session provides deep relaxation and a relief from the anxiety caused by these symptoms. While the results from Healing Touch are not immediate I find that within several hours my system is back in balance and I am relieved of the symptoms for many days.

While I still don’t understand the science of energy therapy (my left-brain still wants to understand the logic of it) I am convinced that the Healing Touch session provides relief and helps me manage this condition.

I don’t why but it works.”


"I have not had any more issues with my shoulder since you worked on it 2 years ago. That was really stubborn for a few years. I had not been successful with traditional massage or chiropractic work."

Susan M, Loveland OH

“This is awesome! I have no pain.”

-Same day surgery patient

“I had Healing Touch the day before a test and as a result I was able to do very well on it.”

Barry Stufft, Milford, OH

I first went for Healing Touch after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I wasn’t in pain, but I was anxious and seeking healing that was more holistic than chemotherapy and radiation. A year after the cancer diagnosis I found myself facing another major surgery. In both cases, I credit Healing Touch for keeping me relaxed and positive- able to face the medical procedures. My hospital stay for the surgery was shorter than expected, and the word UN-BELIEVABLE was used by medical personnel when I told them I had been able to manage my pain with occasional extra-strength Tylenol. I didn’t even have the prescription for my pain medication filled.”

Milford, OH