Energy: Where Does it Come From?

October 15, 2012

If someone were to ask me a couple of years ago where the energy in the body comes from I would have said, “the food we eat, daily exercise, aerobic and anaerobic, and eight hours of sleep.”  Yet, sometimes we do everything right:  eat organic food, exercise and get a full night of sleep and still feel fatigued.  At other times we eat food on the run, can’t fit exercise into our day and sleep less than the recommended eight hours and feel great!  Why is this so?

A Client Discovers How Energy Therapy Can Help A Back Injury

February 23, 2011

Several weeks ago the weather was exceptionally harsh with icy rain, sleet and snow.  Although the roads had been treated, many driveways and parking lots were not.  One morning a client  of mine (let’s call her Toni) was walking from her car in an ice-packed parking lot, slid on the ice and experienced her feet going out from under her.  She landed awfully hard on her lower back injuring it and the lower back.  Toni was shocked, stunned and in acute pain.  A passerby asked her if she’d like an ambulance but Toni  refused.  She gathered herself up and went home.  Once there she iced the injury and took several over the counter painkillers.  She was careful and felt as if her back was getting better.  Then about 4 days later she lifted a heavy object and felt a stab of pain in her injured back.  That brought her back to square one!

Success Stories

August 19, 2010

At Healing Touch Cincinnati we help many people suffering from physical or emotional pain, fibromyalgia, or the effects of stress to regain their balance and lead a normal, pain free life.

These are the stories of some of those we’ve helped:

Extreme Stress: A client came to my practice complaining of extreme mental and emotional stress due to her job and financial situation.  On a scale from 0-10 with 0 being no stress and 10 being the highest, she rated her emotional stress level at 9 and her mental stress at 7.   Her goal for the session was to reduce this stress, of course, and be more relaxed with things as they were.  We both knew that although we couldn’t change her situation we could change her mental and emotional reaction to it.

Finally, Relief From Back and Neck Pain

January 26, 2010

There are specific Healing Touch techniques to address problems of the back and neck that can decrease pain and improve range of motion.

Back and neck problems are very common and can create significant stress and disability in those who are experiencing pain from these conditions.

Discover How Healing Touch Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

October 4, 2009

Providing Healing Touch to clients with mild to severe back pain requires the practitioner to be very gentle and intentional. As a practitioner I always ask God or the Universal Energy Source for the highest good of the person I am about to work on as well as my own highest good. Generally speaking, if the person is able to lie on their back a Chakra Connection is a good technique to begin with after the initial assessment of the energy field. Then depending on how mild or severe the back pain the practitioner can have the person lie on their side or on their stomach. The back is then assessed using the hands or a pendulum.