Responses to Healing Touch

June 26, 2016

Reactions to receiving Healing Touch always surprise me. I don’t expect such deep and sincere reactions but when they occur, I am pleased. Oh yes, practitioners are taught to just provide the “work” and don’t have expectations about the outcome. We’re taught that the person lying on the treatment table is the true healer and if they are open mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healing will happen. It will happen in their time frame not mine.

Quantum Touch, Breath work and Healing

March 19, 2016

Several weekends ago, I participated in Quantum Touch Level 1, a 2 day experiential class with 2 wonderful instructors and 8 other students. I had taken the online course so knew sort of what to expect. But the group energy really facilitated the learning.

We practiced the body sweeps inhaling and exhaling deeply. Each pair was encouraged before providing energy work to ask the other what area of the body or emotion/mental concern they wished addressed. Of course the intention is their best and highest good.

The New Year: The Blank Slate?

January 20, 2016

The New Year can be a wonderful time of reflection and renewal. It can be looked upon as a blank slate with endless possibilities for creativity, travel, education and self-improvement of all kinds.

Learn How Healing Touch Can Help with Chronic Pain

August 23, 2015

Often potential clients will exhaust many types of therapies to address their health concerns before contacting me. Frequently, I’ll get emails from individuals who want to try Healing Touch because nothing else has “worked.”

Discover How Healing Touch Can Support Those Who Grieve

June 25, 2015

I often do not know the clients I will see at Hospice of Cincinnati. . .that is until they come to the building for their Healing Touch treatment. They all have heartfelt stories because they have all lost someone dear to them fairly recently.

“Emily” is an older woman who came in for a Healing Touch treatment several weeks ago. She has never experienced any kind of energy therapy. In fact, as a caregiver she probably didn’t have much time to devote to self-care.

Barb’s Dental Experience

June 7, 2015

I have resisted writing this blog mainly because I prefer writing about clients and their journey. But this experience won’t let me be in peace so here goes:

About 2 months ago I went in to see the dentist for a normal checkup and teeth cleaning. She had several new staff people
There who I’m getting to know and visa versa. In the process of having my upper gum checked, the dental assistant became alarmed. She said something like; “oh there is something not exactly right here. I’ll go get the dentist to have a look.” Since the dentist was busy she began checking the other teeth and seemed to have this energy of worry. Being so close to her field I began to pick this up. Yes, I had grounded myself before going in and thought I was protected. But here I found myself becoming alarmed and concerned.

November 13, 2014

I’m finding that many of my clients are trying a combination of complementary modalities to reduce pain, support their immune system if taking standard pharmaceuticals and avoid surgery.  And the good news is that they are finding this combo approach is working for them.

My last blog entry spoke of a woman that was told by her doctor that she needed back surgery.  Her condition, we learned, is scoliosis kyphosis.  That means the spine is curved the opposite way that it should be curved.  Instead of surgery she received acupuncture, Healing Touch and some physical therapy.  Yes, she has avoided back surgery and has no pain!

How Healing Touch Helped A Client Recover After Surgery

October 26, 2014

I have a new client who, like many of us is very physically active.  He rides his bicycle often and enjoys it.  Unfortunately, he took a bad fall one afternoon and needed surgery to repair the damage.  The surgeon inserted 3 tiny screws into the front hip flexor area. When he came to see me for the first session he was quite annoyed that the fall happened, angrythat he was in pain and on crutches, and impatient with, what he considered the long healing process.

Healing Touch and Children

April 3, 2014

If you’re a mom or dad you can probably relate to this true story of healing:

All names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

I received a phone call from a frantic mom who was very concerned about her youngest child, 18 month old Jason.

Each foot had extra digits at birth with the left foot having 2 extra bones.  Jason also had some webbing between his toes and fingers.

A Client’s Intuition Promises Stress Reduction and Insight

March 30, 2013

 A couple of weeks ago I provided Healing Touch and Reiki to a new client that was referred to me through another client.  I feel much gratitude for the referral but also for that new client thadoesn’t know me well or at all placing their trust in me for the time we’re together.

Anyway, “Amy” was presenting physically with high stress, which included nausea, bloating with a distended stomach, heartburn and insomnia; emotionally she stated she “lacked joy” and mentally was always under pressure.  In fact she said she felt as if something “was sitting on my chest.”  (Warning bells went off in my head and I made certain that I referred her to her family doctor for a physical.) And sometimes Amy didn’t feel spiritually connected.  She was one overworked stressed out woman.

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