Learn the Benefits of Meditation

February 6, 2016

Some of us are baffled on how exactly to meditate. Or we think we don’t have time in our day to meditate. Or we don’t know why or even if the time we might spend meditating has benefits.

Basic meditation is quite easy. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. Twenty minutes is ideal but if you only have 10 then go with it. This “place” could be a comfortable chair, couch, or a special place in your home that is quiet and tranquil. But don’t be limited to your home. You can meditate in a garden, sitting under a favorite tree, or even your car at lunch time.

“Solitude” a Guided Meditation CD for relaxation and release of stress

December 8, 2014




I have had this conversation or one like it so many times in my years of practicing Healing Touch energy work and aromatherapy that I decided to create a guided meditation CD for people who are busy, stressed, and/or just can’t relax.  A guided meditation is different from sitting and trying to empty your mind of thoughts and worries.  It is one in which a narrator gently takes you on an extended journey in your mind with a scene to which you can relate, such as, the beach, the forest, the lake, near a river, or in a cloud among many others. You are resting comfortably on a bed or chair just listening.  There is nothing else for the “meditator” to do.

Healing Touch. . .using energy to heal

September 9, 2010

What is Healing Touch?  According to the Healing Touch Program website (www.healingtouchprogram.com) “It is heart centered energy based modality where the practitioner uses her hands in an intentional way to affect the energy system of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.”

“Heart centered energy based modality” means the practitioner’s intention for each client is for that client’s highest good.  When a practitioner grounds herself to the earth and connects to the Universal Energy Source, or God, she is connecting to a source beyond her own energy.  She is a facilitator of the energy flow from the UES to the client.  The client’s own natural healing process can then re-energize and continue healing.  The “healer” assists this process. How does this happen?